Glenn Catania began his Bujinkan ninjutsu training as a student of Joe Maurantonio, shihan in 1985. Although the lessons were challenging, he continued training to become the senior student at the Bujinkan New York Dojo.

Glenn first met Hatsumi Soke in 1991 at the Texas Tai Kai. Throughout the years he has trained with many Japanese (Muramatsu Sensei, Manaka Sensei, Noguchi sensei, etc) and non-Japanese Shihan (Mark O'Brien Sensei, Tim Bathurst Sensei, Andrew Young Sensei, Peter Crocoll Sensei, etc).

In 1994-2002, Glenn assisted his teacher in many instructional classes, demonstrations, seminars and self-defense workshops.

In August 2003, Glenn was honored by Maurantonio Shihan to be recommended for the Godan Shinsa (5th level black belt test) given by Hatsumi Soke. He was also honored to be the first person on Long Island to receive his Shidoshi (Instructor Guild) license.


Glenn Catania, shidoshi is a member of the International Bujinkan Hombu Dojo located in Noda City, Japan. Since 2004, he is affiliated with the American Shidoshi Kai.


Throughout his years of training Glenn has written many articles on the martial arts. Most of these articles have appeared in the online newsletter KIHON. Catania Sensei is an assistant instructor at the Bujinkan New York Dojo where he attends regular classes with his close friend and teacher, Joe Maurantonio.